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Who We Are

We are stock market enthusiasts who study market patterns using leading technical indicators applied to common market indices and sector ETF’s. We are proud to share that we are amateurs and this is not our primary job. This website is an initiative of the father-son duo who are passionate about financial markets and have used their analytical and informational technology skills to bring this forth.

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate novice investors on how to use technical indicators to make long-term investing decisions. At the same time, professionals in the financial industry can utilize resources on the website to gauge the current market from a historical perspective.

What We Do

We Evaluate Variation of stock market securities to identify overbought and oversold conditions using technical indicators. Our goal is to share the technical indicators data that is typically arduous to find on financial industry websites. We have done this through our elaborate platform outlining every aspect of each technical indicator.
​At the end of each day, you can see the results and our analysis on the day's market using technical indicator values, and how this compares historically. The indicators we report are the Relative Strength Index (RSI), Bollinger %, and the Current price compared to highs in the last 7 – 200 days. These are applied to major international stock indexes and select sector ETFs.
In the investor solutions section, detailed RSI analysis is done for S&P 500. This analysis shows the number of times RSI values has been lower than a chosen threshold of 30 over the last 24 years. It also back-tests results to show the returns of the S&P 500 from when the threshold values were reached. This analysis can be customized for any other index, stock, or ETF as required. Additionally, we can modify the threshold RSI values, the analysis period, or future performance time period after threshold values are hit to tailor the reports for your specific needs.
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Why use Technical Indicators

Investors can rely on fundamental analysis to pick stocks with high potential. To do this, though, you need insight into the upcoming trends, the industry the company belongs to, and deep knowledge of the company’s financials. With technical indicators, however, this is less of the case. With the popularity of ETFs and the rise of Robo-investing, the buying bonanza and selling pressure in the stock market affect all the securities, choosing winners and losers accordingly in indices, ETF, and Mutual Funds.
The stock market moves are significantly affected by emotions and news cycles, and the swing of these technical indicators can give us approximate timing to invest for the short-term (3-15 days) or intermediate-term (15 – 60 days) or long-term (2 - 6 months). The investment at various technical indicator levels combined with investing instrument (2X, 3X leveraged ETF, Sector ETF) used can significantly increase the earning potential.

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Evariation Investing is not a registered investment advisor, tax advisor, legal advisor, or financial broker. All investment and financial opinions expressed are from the personal research and experience of the owner of the site and are intended as educational material. Occasional unintentional errors may occur. It is very important that you do your own analysis or consult with a financial advisor for your personal situation.

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